Solar energy is the most abundant and widely distributed renewable energy resource in the world arguably offering at the moment, the one sustainable option most researched & adaptable to the needs of residential housing developments, commercial buildings, water heating & pumping, air-conditioning, street lighting & off-grid security systems.

Its ease of application as an alternative power source makes it the least capital intensive in the long term and ultimately the renewable energy sub-sector most likely to enjoy economies of scale for consumers in the foreseeable future.

Olubiyi Odeinde – CEO Verysol Energy

Why choose Verysol?

Quality and Safety First

Our emphasis is on quality and safety, these two must always check. The quality of the product, quality of the service we are rendering, and quality of the advice you get from us. All at a reasonable cost, with safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment.

Guaranteed High Performance and Warranty

We confidently give warranty on our Solar products and packages. This assurance from us is due to the guaranteed high performance and reliability of our products and packages. Our customers are lifelong partners.

Incredible Cost Saving on Energy Bills

Considering the fact that you are going to harness the power of the Sun to generate energy. Our Packages are tailored towards cost saving and energy independence. This is great because you are also conserving natural resources.

Customer Experience

Enjoy guaranteed performance & reliable experience with our solar solution & packages. Learn more

VerySol provides actionable insights and tailored recommendations based on your energy need and usage by monitoring your home and business use.
Clean Energy
We provide a very clean and intelligent power system that manages your solar system. Our Solution is friendly and optimized for Africa.
Solar warranty and support
Our customers are our partners for life. We provide a robust Warranty and all the technical expertise and support you and your project could possibly need.

Solutions and Packages

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Renewable Energy Efficiency Application Program for MSMEs, Markets, and Industrial Parks.

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E - C.O.S.T

Electricity Cost Optimization & Storage Technologies (E-C.O.S.T) for Public Buildings and Commercial Facilities

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Renewable Energy Solutions & Technologies (R.E.S.T) for Homes and Residential Facilities.

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R.E.S.T Tour

The R.E.S.T Tour, USA-2018-“Towards Actively Building Africa’s First Fully Compliant Green Economy & Renewables-Electricity Subsector.”

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The “Business Opportunities with Solar Systems (B.O.S.S)” for Micro Enterprises.

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Clean and affordable energy for everyone is the biggest challenge of our time. Green energy will protect our environment, improve our economic and political freedom.

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