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ACTIVE CONSERVATION OF ENVIRONMENT CELEBRITY TV GAME SHOW- “The World’s Maiden Environment and Clean Energy Reality TV Game Show”

The Active Conservation of Environment (ACE) Celebrity TV Game Show –“Towards Active Public Enlightenment and Promotion of Electricity Cost Optimization Solutions & Technologies for Namibia” is an interactive studio and Reality TV Game Show specifically designed for all classes and [...]

Electricity-Cost Optimization Solutions and Technologies for Recreational Parks, Commercial Buildings & Residential Estate Facilities

The “ELECTRICITY-COST OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES (E-C.O.S.T)” package is the first optimally Renewable Energy Integrated “No Capital Cost- Minimal Operational Expenditure- Revenue Generating” Electricity delivery & optimization system of its kind in Nigeria typically offering Recreational Parks, Real Estate Development [...]


The “Business Opportunities with Solar Systems (B.O.S.S)” for Micro Enterprises is a business and economic empowerment program via the deployment of small off grid solar energy solutions for micro enterprises. The VERYSOL ENERGY “B.O.S.S” package targets specifically the commercial sector [...]

Overview of the Nigerian Electricity Sub-sector

With a population of over 180 Million People and currently listed among the “Next Eleven” economies, Nigeria is an economic powerhouse that has continually struggled at providing adequate power for its socio-economic activities. It is interesting to note that the [...]