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Massive ongoing technological advances in the world’s Solar Energy market coupled with skyrocketing cost of conventional energy as a result of the often unpredictable trend in international fossil-fuel prices is fast sparking what can be termed a “Solar-Power Revolution”, driving down cost while providing a sustainable, clean, affordable  and environmentally compatible source of electrical energy.

This can be compared to a scenario, not long ago where the mainframe computer was touted as the center-piece of the digital age only to lose out to the widely distributed Personal Computers (PCs).

In the same respect potentially with the electricity sub-sector, massive centralized power plants will in the not too distant future be phased out by localized or micro-unit managed clean energy installations. Without doubt, an industrial scale, mass market solar industry boom is in the horizon globally, especially in Sub Saharan Africa.

However, In spite of the immense opportunities and exciting possibilities that abounds in the Sub Saharan African region, it is pertinent to note that stakeholders and prospective investors in the Solar Energy industry must come together to synergize and foster strategic investment partnerships that will seek to overcome market oriented deficiencies and bridge the developmental challenges  continent in the delivery of well designed and implemented solar energy programs, products and technologies.

The United Nations in its 1st Quarter Global Economic Report, 2017 have reiterated the fact that-every unit dollar input of renewable energy invested translates into 3 times its value at output-evidently giving governments’, investors, industry practitioners, multilateral organizations, policy and advocacy groups in the renewable energy sector something to smile home about.

Again, as a solar energy proponent, industry practitioner alongside having had the privilege of being, the Founder and CEO of VERYSOL ENERGY LTD, one of Nigeria’s most innovative and research focused solar energy company, I dare say that the Nigerian Solar Energy market is ripe and ready to be reaped for the discerning and solution centered investor who desires a healthy Return on Investment (RoI) irrespective of the attendant risks associated with investing in an underdeveloped and emerging market.

I am honored to use this medium to reassure you of VERYSOL ENERGY’s ongoing commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships to enrich lives and for the delivery of affordable, superior quality and innovative solar energy solutions and technologies everywhere we operate.

Join me and my team in “HERALDING A BRIGHT & SUNNY FUTURE” for Solar in Sub Saharan Africa!!!!!

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