Overview of the Energy Sector and Solutions to the Challenges.

Energy Cost Management, Access to Electricity and Energy Efficiency are issues that have in recent times consistently occupied the front burner and will continue to do so not only on the global scene but most especially in Nigeria where the National Grid is yet to effectively meet the electricity needs of its citizens.

Nigeria is the most populous Country in Africa, with over 180 Million population, eighth most populous country in the world and is listed among the “Next Eleven” economies, yet it has continually struggled at providing adequate power for its industries and homes alike.

It is interesting to note that the current National output from the grid stands at just over 4000 MW with generation standing at just over 6000 MW as at June 2017. In 2013, a report by the United Nations on the electricity sub-sector in Nigeria estimates that the nation will need to generate at least 40,000-60,000 MW to be able to build its industrial base and effectively compete with other fast emerging and threshold economies like India, South Africa, Brazil etc.

solar solution and programs


Renewable Energy Efficiency Application Program for MSMEs, Markets, and Industrial Parks.

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E - C.O.S.T

Electricity Cost Optimization & Storage Technologies (E-C.O.S.T) for Recreational Parks and Residential Estate Facilities

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Renewable Energy Solutions & Technologies (R.E.S.T) for Homes and Residential Facilities.

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The R.E.S.T Tour, USA-2018-“Towards Actively Building Africa’s First Fully Compliant Green Economy & Renewables-Electricity Subsector.”

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The “Business Opportunities with Solar Systems (B.O.S.S)” for Micro Enterprises.

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L.E.E.A.P Solutions

The “Lighting & Energy Efficiency Application Program (L.E.E.A.P)” for Urban, Rural & Under-served Communities.

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