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Electricity Cost Optimization Solutions and Technologies (E-C.O.S.T) for Recreational Parks and Residential Estate Facilities

The “ELECTRICITY-COST OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES (E-C.O.S.T)” package is the first optimally Renewable Energy Integrated “No Capital Cost- Minimal Operational Expenditure- Revenue Generating” Electricity delivery & optimization system of its kind in Nigeria typically offering Recreational Parks, Real Estate Development & Facility Management firms a decentralized Renewable Energy Efficient integrated power option with access to a noiseless & emissions free-living environment without compromising affordability, uninterrupted power supply & environmental compatibility for the client & end-users.

Set to turn the tide for facility managers the “E-C.O.S.T” package comes with a No Capital Expenditure financing model that guarantees immediate revenue stream from the installation of a hybrid solar power system with state-of-the-art Renewable Energy components for a seamless system delivery for the client and end users.

As a basic value proposition, the “E-C.O.S.T” package offers facility managers an Integrated Solar Power Solution (ISPS) option that guarantees income on electricity bills for the estate management while providing an uninterrupted energy supply to all homeowners on their residential estates.

We are all very aware that striking the right balance between quality, value and service delivery at the right price is easier said than done, but we know from past experience that delivering beyond our client’s expectations is what encourages them to return to us again and again.

Therefore we strive to deliver the optimum output that we can at all times.
Upon commencement of this offer, KINGS DALE ECO-HOMES LTD will be responsible for full implementation of supply, installation, and maintenance of the Solar Photovoltaic systems.

Driven by our long-standing culture of research and innovation, our combined international technical competence of over 3 decades, we at VERYSOL ENERGY understand that developing a sustainable electricity solution for Recreational Parks and Residential Estates need not be accompanied with high cost and uncalculated risks.

Our consortium of foreign technical affiliates and consultants have also evolved alongside a turn-key financing model that will ensure a “No Initial Capital Cost-Revenue Generating” model using a Pay-As-U-Go metering system for our clients on their parks and housing developments.


Key Features

  • Provision of Uninterrupted Electricity as alternative when supply from national grid is unavailable;
  • Provision of Solar Powered LED Security Lighting Infrastructure with CCTV surveillance cameras for public spaces in recreational parks and residential estates;
  • Generation of Revenue for facility managers from Sale of Solar Electricity to estate residents;
  • “No initial Capital & No Maintenance Cost” for residential estate management;
  • Possibility of Ground and Roof Mounted Solar Array on parks and residential Estate;
  • Captive Power Delivery Model;
  • Electricity metering option available for the Solar Energy delivered;
  • Lifetime Warranty on Solar System backed with Aftersales maintenance services contract


  • Delivery of affordable and uninterrupted electricity to 100(One Hundred) Residential Estate Facilities and Recreational Parks by December 2018
  • Commence Implementation in Lagos, FCT-Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt in Nigeria by 1st Quarter of 2018
  • Set up of distribution networks and fully operational customer service centers across Lagos, FCT-Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt in Nigeria by 1ST Quarter of 2018
  • Train and Equip a minimum of 50(Fifty) Installers in the first phase of Implementation of the “E.C.O.S.T” Solar Program
  • Sector: Commerce & Industry, Housing & Environment, Power & Energy
  • Electricity End User: Recreational Parks, Residential Estates, Office Complexes
  • Space Required: 1(One)-5(Five) Hectares
  • Proposed Implementation Date: Commences 1ST Quarter 2018
  • 1MWp -5MWp Capacity
  • Rooftop and Ground Mounted PV Array
  • Uninterrupted Island Mode Operation
  • Direct and Indirect Consumption
  • Photo Voltaic (Mono & Crystalline Modules)
  • Hybrid Large-Scale Energy Storage System
  • Captive Power to Non-Captive Power
  • Solar Powered LED TV & Advert Boards
  • Solar LED Street Lights with Internet operated CCTV cameras
  • VERYSOL ENERGY NIGERIA LTD: Program Developer and Solar Component Integration
  • COGNOS MARKETING, LLC, USA: Program Advisor/ Facilitator
  • GERHLICHER SOLAR AG,GERMANY: Engineering, Procurement & Construction(EPC);
  • HOPPECKE BATTERIES GmbH: Battery Manufacturer & Energy Storage Experts;
  • MISSION SOLAR ENERGY, LLC: Photo Voltaic, Module Manufacturer and Technology Provider
  • SOLAR EDGE: Utility Scale Inverter Manufacturer, PV Optimizers
  • KACO NEW ENERGY: Inverter Manufacturer