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Lighting & Energy Efficiency Application Program, (L.E.E.A.P) for Urban, Rural & Underserved Communities

The “Lighting & Energy Efficiency Application Program (L.E.E.A.P)” for Urban, Rural & Underserved Communities is a revolutionary Lighting, Energy Conservation and cost-effective Electricity Delivery package guaranteed to transform urban, rural and underserved communities into safe and habitable dwellings compliant with a 21st Century living environment.

The L.E.E.A.P package is borne out of the need to appraise energy supply to our urban and rural areas, not from the supply angle alone where generation, transmission & distribution all come from one source but also from the demand end. The micro-unit managed and off-grid solutions offer the surest path to achieving this targets and ultimately reaching the rural and underserved communities across the country.

As a basic feature, the “L.E.E.A.P” combines electricity conservation via the replacement of non- energy efficient appliances with energy efficient ones in homes and businesses, delivery of lighting and security surveillance technologies in urban and rural settings and the installation of cost-effective off-grid renewable energy solutions to underserved communities.

The L.E.E.A.P can either be implemented in conjunction with other programs by VERYSOL ENERGY for homes & businesses or via a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Rural Electrification model for mid to large sized communities.


Key Features

  • Possibility of a full off-grid or mini-grid solutions
  • Possibility of stand-alone microsystems
  • Possibility of hybrid mini-grid systems
  • Provision of Solar Powered LED Security Lighting Infrastructure with CCTV surveillance cameras for public spaces, streets, highways and recreational areas in urban and rural settlements
  • “No initial Capital & No Maintenance Cost” Model for electricity end-users
  • Electricity metering option available for the Solar Energy delivered;
  • Renewable Energy Sources range from Solar to Biogas to Hydro systems
  • A Retrofit of homes and businesses with energy efficient appliances with a payment model of a maximum repayment time of 3 (Three) years

Proposed Milestone

  • Installation of 10,000 (Ten Thousand) Solar Powered LED Street Light infrastructure across Nigeria by December 2020
  • Delivery of 50 (Fifty) renewable energy powered Mini-Grid systems across the 36(Thirty Six) states of the federation by December 2020
  • Retrofit and supply of 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) LED bulbs as replacements for non- energy efficient incandescent bulbs in 20,000 (Twenty Thousand) homes and businesses by December 2020
  • Supply and replacement of 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) non energy efficient home appliances in 20,000 homes and businesses by December 2020
  • Installation of 20,000 (Twenty Thousand) Solar Water Pump/Water Purifier in all rural communities and Local Government Areas (LGAs) across Nigeria

SECTOR: Community Development & Rural Empowerment, Housing & Environment, Power & Energy

ELECTRICITY END USER: Homes, Micro & Small Enterprises, Residential Estates, Villages & Rural Communities

Space Requirement: 100 (One Hundred) Sqm-5(Five) Hectares

Proposed Implementation Date: Commences 2nd Quarter 2018

  • 10KWp -5MWp Mini Grid Capacity
  • Rooftop and Ground Mounted PV Array
  • Uninterrupted Island Mode Operation
  • Direct and Indirect Consumption
  • Photo Voltaic (Mono & Crystalline Modules)
  • Hybrid Mid-Large Scale Energy Storage System (Sun Systemizer)
  • Captive Power to Non-Captive Power capacity;
  • Solar Powered LED & Scrolling Advert Boards
  • Solar LED Street Lights with Internet operated CCTV cameras
  • Solar Water Pumping and Water Purifier Systems
  • Solar Water Heater
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) Bulbs

VERYSOL ENERGY NIGERIA LTD: Program Developer and Solar Component Integration

COGNOS MARKETING, LLC, USA: Program Advisor/ Facilitator

GERHLICHER SOLAR AG, GERMANY– Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC);

HOPPECKE BATTERIES GmbH– Battery Manufacturer & Energy Storage Experts

MISSION SOLAR ENERGY, LLC: Photo Voltaic, Module Manufacturer and Technology Provider

SOLAR EDGE: Utility Scale Inverter Manufacturer, PV Optimizers

KACO NEW ENERGY: Inverter Manufacturer

POWER PANEL LLC: Component Manufacturer and Technology Provider; OSRAM: LED Bulb Manufacturer