Viability of solar

13 Apr 2016


Someone may ask the question, why solar energy? Simple really, solar energy is the most abundant and widely distributed renewable energy resource in the world. Arguably offering at the moment, the one sustainable option most researched & adaptable to the needs of residential housing developments, commercial buildings, water heating & pumping, air-conditioning, street lighting & off-grid security systems. Most readily available given its source (sunlight) suited to the Nigerian environment.

Its ease of application as an alternative power source. It is the least capital intensive in the long term and ultimately the renewable energy sub-sector most likely to enjoy economies of scale for consumers in the foreseeable future. Nigeria is yet to exploit the limitless opportunities presented by the obvious abundance of sunlight to practically meet our energy needs in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner.

Despite the comparatively reliable, sustainable, cost-effective & ecologically compliant option offered by Solar Energy solutions, we are still straddled by the challenge of incessant power outages coupled with rising energy and operating costs for homes, businesses, manufacturing and processing plants via the use of various other capital intensive and non-renewable forms of power generation, transmission and distribution.

It is against this backdrop that VERYSOL ENERGY NIGERIA LTD, applied renewable energy consultants/Integrators along with its international technical consulting partners’ COGNOS MARKETING LLC, USA. have developed its sector-specific and solution targeted solar programs and products as a viable and sustainable electricity delivery option for the Nigerian market.

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