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Renewable Energy Efficiency Application Program (R.E.E.A.P) for MSMEs, Commercial Markets, and Industrial Parks


Every unit dollar input of renewable energy invested translates into 3 times its value at output – The United Nations 1st Quarter Global Economic Report, 2017

The “RENEWABLE ENERGY EFFICIENCY APPLICATION PROGRAM (R.E.E.A.P)” is a flagship Solar Energy Efficiency and Electricity Cost Optimization program designed to drastically cut down overhead costs incurred on energy and optimize electricity consumption for private retail shop owners, trade clusters and facility managers of Commercial Markets and Industrial Parks across Nigeria by deploying stationary ground mounted and/or rooftop solar arrays/farms and mobile solar energy solutions ranging from 1 (One) KWp to 100 (One Hundred) MWp.

This optimally integrated solution is the first “No Initial Cost – Solar Cluster” model aimed at seamlessly delivering affordable and sustainable electricity and will empower and equip businesses and industry by providing reliable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and uninterrupted electrical energy to not less than 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) micro, mid-sized to large-scale factories and manufacturing plants at every point of their lifecycle across Nigeria by December 2018.

The R.E.E.A.P will see the deployment of Solar Energy Technology for commercial applications and investments surge by at least 100 (One Hundred) Million US Dollars over a duration of 24 (Twenty Four) months. This is aimed at reducing transmission challenges, inefficiencies and power losses associated with high voltage distribution and is guaranteed to assist businesses and industry add value to their facilities, reduce operational cost, create green jobs, build capacity and ultimately reap clean and sustainable profits.

Key Features

  • Provision of Uninterrupted Electricity for shop owners
  • Provision of Solar Powered LED Security Lighting Infrastructure with CCTV surveillance cameras for public spaces
  • Generation of Revenue from Sale of Advert Spaces for Market Operators & Facility Managers
  • “Zero Down Payment-Consumer Financing” model for end-users and beneficiaries of the “R.E.E.A.P.”
  • Minimum of 2(Two) Year Warranty on components backed with Aftersales maintenance services contract.

Projected Milestones

  • Delivery of affordable and uninterrupted electricity to 100,000(One Hundred Thousand) retail shops, offices, businesses, and factories by December 2018.
  • Commence Implementation in key commercial cities located in the 6 (Six) Geo-political zones of Nigeria
  • Set up of distribution networks and fully operational customer service centers across the 6 (Six) Geo-political zones of Nigeria
  • Identify Businesses and offer business support programs and train volunteers in solar maintenance for free in all the regions where we operate

SECTOR: MSMEs, Commerce, Trade & Industry,

ELECTRICITY ENDUSER: Commercial Market Occupants, Commercial Facility Managers, Industrial Clusters, Agricultural Clusters

Space Required: 2(Two)Sqm to-100 Hectares

Proposed Implementation Date : Commences 1ST Quarter 2018

  • 1KWh -100MWp Capacity
  • Stationary & Mobile Systems
  • Uninterrupted Island Mode Operation
  • Direct & Indirect Consumption
  • PhotoVoltaics (Mono & Poly Crystalline Modules)
  • Hybrid Mid-Large Scale Energy Storage System
  • Captive Power to Non-Captive Power
  • Solar Powered Advert Boards
  • Solar LED Street Lights
  • VERYSOL ENERGY NIGERIA LTD: Program Developer and Solar Component Integration
  • COGNOS MARKETING, LLC,USA: Program Advisor/ Facilitator
  • GERHLICHER SOLAR AG,GERMANY– Engineering, Procurement & Construction(EPC);
  • POWER PANEL LLC: Component Manufacturer and Technology Provider;
  • HOPPECKE BATTERIES GmbH– Battery Manufacturer & Energy Storage Experts;
  • SOLAR EDGE: Utility Scale Inverter Manufacturer, PV Optimizers
  • MISSION SOLAR ENERGY, LLC: Photo Voltaic, Module Manufacturer and Technology Provider


Proposed Startup Investment 1-5(One-Five Million) USD
Proposed Investment Tenure 3-5 Years(Rollover of investment upon exhausting inventory)
Proposed % Return on Investment(RoI) 30-50%
Proposed Repayment Model Monthly or Quarterly remittances
Proposed Shareholding/Equity Structure VERYSOL (40%): INVESTOR (60%)
Market Share Viability Index 0.85
Expected Market Share at Startup 80%
Expected Market Penetration at Startup 65%
Expected Interest Rate Paid on Finance 2-5%
Proposed Project Moratorium Period 6-12 Months
Marketing Model Public & Private Sector Driven
Stakeholder Beneficiary Institutions Public and Private